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Wicket Keeping Pads

Cricket Pads are an integral part of a cricket kit. Usually, cricket pads are worn by players during batting. But there is one more place where one needs pads. Wicket keepers are also required to wear wicket keeping pads during wicket keeping. One must not confuse wicket keeping pads with batting pads. Wicket keeping pads are different in size, shape and quality compared to batting pads.

For wicket-keepers, pads are a piece of important equipment for protection. Nowadays, players wear wicket keeping pads under the trousers, unlike one time when pads were worn over trousers. Below mentioned is the size guide of wicket keeping pads and specifications about wicket keeping pads that you should know

Wicket Keeping Pads Sizes

Before buying wicket keeping pads one needs to be sure of their size. Otherwise, he/she would end up buying small or large pads. For your reference below mentioned is the perfect size of wicket-keeping pads according to the size of the legs.

Wicket Keeping Pads Size Chart

Leg Length (cm)

Wicket Keeping Pads Size


Small Boys






Small Men




Large Men

Wicket Keeping Pads Specifications

Face - Wicket keeping pads face is the largest part of the wicket keeping pads and includes numerous sections. The face is divided into sections and allows the pad to wrap around the leg. Further, sections allow players to run comfortably.

Knee Roll - Each wicket keeping pad has a knee role. The main role of the knee roll is to provide extra protection to the vulnerable knee joints. Further, it helps players in flexing and bending. Wicket keeping pads and knee rolls are made up of different padding materials.

Top Hat - The area above the knee roll in the wicket keeping pad is known as the top hat. The job of a top hat is to protect the upper thigh.

Wings - Unlike batting pads, wicket keeping pads do not have wings.

Straps - Straps in wicket keeping pads are usually to tie pads around the legs. Modern-day wicket keeping pads have velcro to provide maximum comfort and fit. Usually, wicketkeeping pads have two straps.

DSC Wicket Keeping Pads

Delux Sports Company (DSC) is known for manufacturing premium quality sports equipment in India. Just like other equipment, DSC wicket keeping pads are of premium quality that provide maximum comfort to players. 

The primary feature of DSC wicket keeping pads is they are engineered with the utmost care by DSC craftsmen who have years of experience in delivering happiness to cricket lovers and players.

Along with wicket keeping pads for righty and lefty players, DSC also has ambidextrous wicket keeping pads. These pads can be worn by every wicketkeeper irrespective of their dominant hands. The lightweight DSC wicket keeping pads have high-density foam in the holsters and have mesh instep for providing protection and comfort to wicket keepers.

Wicket Keeping Pads FAQs

Q1. Can I do wicket keeping with batting pads?

Ans. Although, there is no specific rule to wear only wicket keeping pads during wicket keeping. However, if you wear batting pads during wicket keeping, they would be uncomfortable and heavy. That is the reason why one should only wear lightweight wicket keeping pads during wicket keeping.

Q2. What is the difference between batting pads and wicket keeping pads?

Ans. The first common difference is in the name itself. The second most common difference between wicket keeping pads and batting pads is size. Wicket keeping pads are much smaller in size as compared to batting pads.

Q3. Can we wash wicket keeping pads?

Ans. In case your wicket keeping pads are dirty you need to clean them with a cloth gently. Make sure you don't wash wicket keeping pads in the washing machine. After every wash, dry the pads properly before wearing them.

Q4. How do I stop my wicket keeping pads from smelling?

Ans. If the inner portion of wicket keeping pads is detachable then detach it and wash. But if it is not detachable then sprinkle baking soda over it, keep it still for a few hours and then brush it off gently. This will avoid the pad from smelling and also remove the dirt.

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