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Cricket Shoes

As per the study concluded recently, a cricketer runs for around 2 - 5 km in a single match. Apart from running, cricketers spend hours standing on the field while batting and fielding. In order to bear the pressure on knees and ankles, one needs good quality cricket shoes. Further, premium quality cricket shoes also help you in improving your game. For a batsman, good quality cricket shoes will improve his/her stance and posture. Similarly, for bowlers, it will improve their runups. Now you know you need good quality cricket shoes while playing, but how would you know whether a cricket shoe is of good quality or not?

How to Check the Quality of a Cricket Shoe?

Finding the perfect pair of cricket shoes can be an arduous process. It usually requires a lot of research. To make your work easy we have accumulated a few points that you need to keep in mind while buying cricket shoes.

Upper Material

Always buy a cricket shoe with high-quality upper material. Polyethene, microfiber and high-quality synthetic material are some of the good quality upper materials for shoes.


Cricket shoes must have good cushion. Since cricketers stand a lot, good cushioning takes a lot of pressure from the legs and provides comfort to players. The perfect places for cushioning in cricket shoes are the heel and midsole.


Another factor which should be considered while buying is stability. Shoes with good stability help reduce pronation during bowling.


It is crucial that your cricket shoes have ventilation otherwise it can lead to smell in your shoes and foot. So always buy cricket shoes with proper ventilation and passage for air.


The spikes of shoes should be decided by whether you are a bowler or a batsman. For batsmen, half spikes will be perfect and for bowlers, full spikes should be used as they provide better grip to them.

DSC Cricket Shoes

DSC is one of the prominent sports brands in the country. With decades of experience in offering sports goods and equipment, DSC is trusted by budding and professional cricketers in India.

DSC has a large collection of cricket shoes. The unique quality of DSC cricket shoes is they are manufactured. To provide the best quality to its customers, all cricket shoes sold by DSC are manufactured with in their own premises to the highest quality standards.

One can buy both rubber studs and metal spikes cricket shoes from DSC. The spikes can be easily removed and replaced. The exotic designs of DSC cricket shoes are attractive and provide the utmost comfort and stability to players.

How Much You Spend on Cricket Shoes?

There are numerous types of cricket shoes available in the market. The money you should spend on cricket shoes depends on your playing level. If you are a beginner, you should first learn the techniques of cricket and buy standard shoes. Once you upgrade your game and reach a new level then buy cricket shoes accordingly. An international cricket player should not compromise on the quality and buy the best quality cricket shoes.

Cricket Shoes FAQ's

Q1. What shoes does Virat Kohli wear?

Ans. Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of Puma and wears Puma cricket shoes. The price of Virat Kohli cricket shoes ranges between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 30,000.


Q2. Where can I buy cricket shoes online?

Ans. You can buy cricket shoes online by visiting the official website of DSC.


Q3. Why do fast bowlers cut their shoes?

Ans. Fast bowlers cut their shoes because of the high pressure on the landing foot. Once the shoe is cut from the font it allows the toes to move freely and stop them from being injured.


Q4. Why do cricket shoes have spikes?

Ans. The biggest reason for having spikes on cricket shoes is because it offers a better grip. Cricket involves running and one needs to have a better grip to run continuously.


Q5. Can I remove spikes from my cricket shoes?

Ans. Yes, you can easily remove spikes from your cricket shoes. There are two types of cricket spikes: Metal spikes and rubber spikes. You should always make sure your shoes should have spikes before entering the field.

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