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Kashmir Willow
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Kashmir Willow Bat

Cricket is celebrated as a religion in India. Being the most popular sport in the country, cricket is played by people of all age groups. In order to play cricket, the most important thing is a cricket bat. There are various types of cricket bats available in the market. The three most common types of cricket bats are English willow cricket bats, Kashmir willow cricket bats and tennis bats. Both Kashmir and English cricket bats are used to play with leather balls.

The most popular bats for beginner and intermediate level players around the world are Kashmir willow cricket bats. Over a period of time, many professional cricket players have also shifted to Kashmir willow bats.

Kashmir Willow Bats Specifications

Kashmir willow bats are made up of Salix alba trees found in Kashmir. These bats are most common in amateur competitions. Here look at the specifications of Kashmir willow bats.


Kashmir willow cricket bats are dense in nature. This is the reason why they have a good life span. A good quality Kashmir willow bat will last for years.


The rebounding impact caused after a ball hits the bat is called ping. Kashmir willow bats are dense which results in less ping. However, if a ball connects the middle of a Kashmir willow bat then it will surely travel the distance.


One of the biggest advantages of a Kashmir willow cricket bat is its price. These bats are affordable and a perfect fit for beginners and intermediate players.


The weight of Kashmir willow cricket bats is usually more as compared to English willow cricket bats. The reason being the warner cricket in climate which makes the wood heavy.

Is Kashmir Willow Bats the Right Choice for me?

Choosing a cricket bat depends on the level you play. If you are a professional cricket player, then you must go for English willow bats, but if you play cricket with your neighborhood friends then Kashmir willow bats are perfect for you. Furthermore, budding cricket who are beginning their cricket careers should also buy Kashmir willow cricket bats. Once you are sure you need to buy a Kashmir willow cricket bat then the next question will be from where to buy it. This is where DSC comes in handy for you.

DSC: The Perfect Place to Buy Kashmir Willow Bats

There are multiple sellers in the market, but among those DSC is one of those that manufacture cricket bats. Every cricket bat available on the DSC website is manufactured in its factory.

The handmade well-crafted cricket bats of DSC are made by experts with a handsome experience in manufacturing cricket bats. Right from weight to grain every parameter is checked by DSC before launching a cricket bat in the market. The handles of Kashmir willow cricket bats sold by DSC are made up of the finest cane harvest in Singapore. This ensures players are offered the utmost comfort and power.

DSC gives utmost attention to detail and makes every cricket bat with love and care. DSC is a premium brand and various international players use DSC which validates this fact. So, while buying DSC cricket bats one does not have to care about quality. Now, you can check out the diverse collection of DSC Kashmir willow cricket bats listed above.

Kashmir Willow Bat FAQs

Q1. Are Kashmir willow bats good?

Ans. Yes, Kashmir willow bats are good for players who are amateur or play at the intermediate level.


Q2. Does Kashmir willow bat need knocking?

Ans. Usually, bats are made by compressing wood. Despite this, Kashmir willow bats need knocking to increase the ping of the bat.


Q3. Why are Kashmir willow bats so heavy?

Ans. Kashmir willow bats are made up of Salix alba trees found in Kashmir. Due to the moist climate of Kashmir, the wood is heavy which ultimately results in Kashmir willow bats being heavy.


Q4. Is Kashmir willow bat used by international cricketers?

Ans. Yes, Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar and West Indian veteran Sir Viv Richards have used G1 Kashmir willow bats in test cricket.


Q5. Is Kashmir willow bat good for leather balls?

Ans. Yes, Kashmir willow bats are made with premium quality wood that offers stability, strength and handling. You can also use Kashmir willow bats to play with leather balls.

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