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English Willow

English Willow
English Willow
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English Willow Bat

Being a cricket fanatic, you must have encountered the words English willow bat and Kashmir Willow bat at some point in your life. These are the two types of cricket bats available in the market. English willow Bats are premium quality cricket bats used by international players. These premium quality cricket bats are manufactured from the finest quality English willow. It is a soft fibrous wood that has perfect compressibility, durability and pressure to face bowlers bowling at a rapid pace.

Why is it Called English Willow Bat?

The answer to this lies in the question itself. The reason behind the name is that English willow bats are made from the willow plant of Salix alba. Willow is a tall plant that can grow up to 60-80 feet and is usually found in cold regions. Since these bats are made of willow found in England that is why the name English willow. Now you know why it's called English willow, you can check out English willow bats available on the official website of DSC.

Nature of English Willow Bats


An English willow bat is white in colour. Since England is a country with cold weather, the willow wood is bright in nature. Due to the white shade, English willow bats are shiny.

Grain Texture

Grains are the thin lines present on a bat's surface. Grains in English willow bats are visible easily. Cricket bats who have more grains usually reach their peak performance quickly. The drawback of having more grains is that the chances of the cricket bat getting cracked or broken intensifies.


English willow bats are lighter in nature. And the reason is the absence of moisture in the wood. If we talk about the orientation then the English willow bat is generally vertically oriented. This is the reason why grains are visible in English willow cricket bats.

Price and Ping

The price of the English willow bats is usually high as compared to other cricket bats in the market. English willow bats have significant ping. Ping is the rebound impact after a ball hits the face of the bat. A bat with good ping generates more power and provides great control.

These are some of the features of English willow bats that you must see before purchasing one. If you want to check out good quality cricket bats then you can surely check out the cricket bats collection at DSC.

Why Does DSC Stand Out in the Market?

Among numerous cricket brands in the market, you must choose DSC because of its quality. DSC is one of the few companies that manufacture its own cricket bats. Every bat you see on the website is manufactured in the DSC factory. Handcrafted English willow cricket bats sold by DSC are of the best quality and are a choice of international cricketers such as David Miller, Roy Burns, Usman Khawaja etc.

Right from the frame of the bat to the handle, every tiny piece of a cricket bat is manufactured by DSC itself. To provide support to the frame of the bat, Singapore’s finest cane is used to craft bat handles.

Along with English willow bats, one can also check out Kashmir willow bats and Tennis ball bats available on the DSC website.

English Willow Bat FAQs

Q1 Which grade English willow bat is best?

The grade of the English willow bat is what determines its quality. The higher the grade, the better the bat. DSC different grades in English Willow Bat like Player Grade, Pro Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2 and so on. Our Player, Pro and Grade 1 the best grade bats used by professional cricket players.

Q2 How to identify English willow bat?

English willow bats are usually hard to identify. This is because the wood is so durable that it often does not show signs of wear or tear. The best way to identify an English willow bat is by looking at the style and color of the wood grain.

Q3 Do English willow bats need oiling?

All willow bats have a natural oil on their skin that helps keep them from drying out, but it is recommended to use raw linseed cricket bat oil to maintain moisture levels within the willow and reduce the chances of cracking.

Q4 Can we use English willow bat for tennis ball?

Yes you can! Just make sure to not get the ball wet. The wet ball will transfer moisture to the grains of the bat and cause it to lose its strength. This applies for both leather and tennis balls

Q5 Difference between English willow and Kashmir willow bat?

Kashmir willow bats are brownish in color where English willow bats are white. Kashmir willow bats are less expensive as compared to English Willow. Kashmir Willow Bats are used by recreational cricketers but professional cricket players play with English Willow bats only.

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