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Batting Pads

Batting pads are one of the crucial pieces of cricket equipment. They are a necessity. If playing with a leather ball, one cannot enter the field without batting pads. Batsmen wear batting pads to protect their legs from injury. Facing fast bowlers without wearing batting pads is a dreadful sight. There are numerous things which one needs to keep in mind while buying batting pads. Below mentioned are some factors that you need to consider while choosing the right pair of batting pads.

How to Choose the Best Batting Pads?


The first thing to be kept in mind while buying batting pads is safety. Always remember your batting pads should offer maximum safety. Batting pads made of polyurethane and PVC are of premium quality. Not only do they offer maximum safety, but in addition to it, they are durable. Another advantage of polyurethane and PVC batting pads is they are lightweight and can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Comfort and Size

While purchasing batting pads always make sure they are comfortable and as per your size. Since you need to run between the wicket, batting pads need to be comfortable otherwise you won’t be able to bat for a longer period of time. When it comes to size, small or big they would be uncomfortable. There are different sizes of batting pads available in the market.

  • 30 cm to 32 cm - small boys
  • 32 cm to 35 cm - boys
  • 36 cm to 38 cm - youth
  • 39 cm to 41 cm - Men small
  • 41 cm to 43 cm - Men
  • 44 cm to 48 cm - Men Large


Nowadays there are various funky styles available in batting pads. To attract players, colourful batting pads are also available. You can choose batting pads of your favourite colour and enjoy playing cricket.

DSC Batting Pads

DSC is a veteran of cricket equipment manufacturing in India. The premium quality batting pads sold by DSC are second to none in quality, price and comfort.

  • DSC batting pads have traditional cane construction for maximum shock absorption.
  • Both vertical and horizontal bolsters have low-density foams.
  • Cotton-filled knee rolls provide extra cuisine to the knees.

DSC has both two straps and three straps batting pads. Further, different sizes of batting pads are also available. You can choose and buy batting pads as per your comfort and convenience.

The unique quality of DSC batting pads is they are manufactured in India only at DSC manufacturing units. Craftsmen without years of experience manufacture each pair of batting pads. Attention is paid to every single detail so that players do not face any discomfort or inconvenience.

Batting Pads FAQs

Q1. What is the difference between keeping pads and batting pads?

Ans. Batting pads have wings to protect knee areas and they are lightweight despite being big in size. On the other hand, wicket-keeping pads have wings on the outside of pads to protect the shin bone.

Q2. How do I choose a batting pad?

Ans. There are various factors to be checked while choosing batting pads. Some of them are comfort, size, protection and price.

Q3. Do cricket pads have to be white?

Ans. It depends on the game format. In red-ball cricket, it is mandatory to wear white cricket batting pads. Whereas in white ball cricket you need to wear coloured batting pads at the international level.

Q4. How would I know if batting pads are fit or not?

Ans. It is quite simple when wearing batting pads, if the knee roll comes over your knee and the pad is resting on top of your foot, it's all good.

Q5. What is the cost of cricket batting pads?

Ans. The cost of cricket batting pads depends from brand to brand. DSC is one of the top-notch brands and has various kinds of pads at an affordable price.

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