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Tennis Cricket Bat

For a cricketer choosing the right cricket bat is very important. It doesn't matter whether you play professionally or play with your friends, you need to have a good cricket bat to enjoy the game. For cricket lovers who play with their friends in gully or lanes, playing with a leather ball would not be possible because it can cause damage to the surroundings. So, they play with tennis balls and for tennis ball cricket, a tennis cricket bat is the most suitable. These bats are specifically manufactured for tennis ball cricket.

What is a Tennis Bat?

A tennis bat is also made with Kashmir willow. But the Kashmir willow used in Tennis Bat is lighter as compare to the Kashmir willow bats. It also does not require hard pressing as they only meant to play with the tennis balls. One cannot use a tennis bat to play with leather balls as it will damage the bat and in cases break it completely. DSC manufactures and sells tennis bats of premium quality. You can check out the tennis bats available above.

Things to be Considered While Buying Tennis Bats

Size of the Bat

Since a single size does not fit all players, thus you need to choose a tennis bat which is perfect for your height. There is no parameter regarding the height of a bat unlike Kashmir and English willow bats. Therefore, choose a tennis bat which is best according to your height.

Weight of the Bat

Another important aspect to be considered while buying tennis bats is their weight. A too heavy bat will be uncomfortable for you and a too light bat will make handling difficult. You need to choose a bat that is not too heavy or too light for you.

Sweet Spot and Style of Play

The sweet spot is the part of the bat that makes effective contact with the ball. Choosing a sweet spot in bat depends on your style of play. If you are a player who loves to play on the front foot then choose a tennis bat with a sweet spot in the middle. On the other hand, if you are a player who plays on the backfoot then buy a tennis bat with a sweet spot just a little higher.

Where to Buy Premium Quality Tennis Bats?

Among numerous sellers in the market, DSC stands out at the top. Unlike other brands, DSC manufactures all its cricket bats. With multiple decades of experience in manufacturing cricket bats, every DSC cricket bat is crafted by experts with attention to detail.

DSC expert workers ensure each bat is well-crafted and once buyers buy it becomes a part of buyer life. Our years of experience have made us experts in this field. The handles of cricket bats are crafted from the finest cane of Singapore. DSC also manufactures in-fashion bats with short handles.

Tennis Cricket Bats FAQs

Q1. Which bat is best for tennis cricket?

Ans. For tennis cricket, a tennis cricket bat made of Kashmir willow is ideal. On the other side, for softballs, a poplar wood bat would be ideal.


Q2. What is the weight of a tennis cricket bat?

Ans. There is no parameter about weight for tennis cricket bats. However, a full-size tennis bat usually weights around 1000 grams.


Q3. How do you increase the stroke on a tennis bat?

Ans. To increase the stroke you need to follow certain instructions. First, take one teaspoon of raw linseed oil on the bat and then rub it with a rug to make sure to avoid edges while rubbing the oil.


Q4. Which grade bat is best for tennis ball cricket?

Ans. The grade of the bat would be decided by the ball type. For soft balls poplar willow cricket bats are good and for hard balls Kashmir willow bats are ideal.


Q5. Can we clean tennis cricket bats with a wet cloth?

Ans. It is not advisable to clean tennis bats with a wet cloth. If your bat is smudged in mud then you can first try to brush it off, if it does not work then with very soft hands clean the bat with a wet cloth.

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