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Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats
Cricket Bats
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Cricket Bat

Cricket is the most popular sport in India. Doesn’t matter the age, it is loved by everyone, right from youngsters to people who are in their late 60s. Minimum equipment is required to play cricket. You just need a good quality cricket bat and a ball. The quality of cricket bats will vary as per the level i.e., whether playing professionally or just for fun. Irrespective of the reason, one must have a premium quality cricket bat and this is where DSC comes in handy. The handcrafted premium quality cricket bats manufactured by DSC are perfect for both children starting their career or playing for fun and professional players playing at national or international levels.         

Two Types of Cricket Bats

There are two types of cricket bats.

  • English Willow Cricket Bats
  • Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

English Willow Cricket Bats

English willow bats are made up of wood found in England. These bats are usually lightweight and white in colour. The grain on the bats is vivid and clearly visible. If we talk about the price then English willow cricket bats are expensive as compared to Kashmir willow cricket bats.

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

These cricket bats are manufactured of Kashmir wood. Kashmir willow bats are heavier and brown in colour. The lifespan of Kashmir willow bats is more as compared to English willow bats.

One can purchase both English and Kashmir willow cricket bats from the official website of DSC.

Detailed Guide to Buy Cricket Bat

Cricket is a religion in India. During childhood, we all must have once dreamed of being a professional cricket player. The dream started with owning a cricket bat. Choosing the right cricket bat is important.

Bats Size and Weight

The first things to be kept in mind while buying a cricket bat are its size and weight. As per the laws of the game, the size of the bat should not be more than 38 inches or 965 mm and there is no limitation on the bat's weight. One should choose the size and weight of the bat as per their comfort level.

Handle Type

There are two types of bat handles i.e. round and oval handles. These handles ensure the best grip is provided to players. Before buying a cricket bat make sure to choose the bat with the right handle that offers maximum comfort to you.

Purpose and Sweet Spot

The purpose for which you are buying a cricket bat is also important. If you play just for fun then go for a tennis ball bat and if you want to go professional then you can opt for Kashmir/English willow cricket bats.

Another important thing to check while buying a cricket bat is the sweet spot. The sweet spot is the point where the ball receives maximum power and acceleration. Usually, the sweet spot is located in the middle of the bat.

Perks of Buying Cricket Bats from DSC

DSC is one of the trusted sports manufacturing brands in India. It holds a massive experience in manufacturing premium quality cricket bats in the country. The most attractive thing about DSC is that it itself manufactures all its cricket bats. Handcrafted cricket bats of DSC are a choice of many international cricketers such as David Warner, David Miller, Usman Khawaja, Rory Barns etc.

To ensure players are offered premium products DSC harvests Singapore’s finest cane and crafted handles from it. This gives optimum control and power to players and also increases the lifeline of bats. DSC offers premium quality English willow for professional players and Kashmir willow for budding cricketers. Further, for people who like to play cricket on weekends, tennis cricket bats are also available at DSC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 Qs. Which cricket bat is best for beginners?

Ans. For players who have just started playing cricket, Kashmir willow cricket bats are best. They are durable and are not heavy on the pocket as well.


2 Qs. What cricket bat is used by David Warner and what is its price?

Ans. Australian opening batsman, David Warner plays with KRUNCH DSC cricket bat. The price of the bat is Rs. 74,049.


3 Qs. Should I use a heavy or lightweight cricket bat for playing?

Ans. Every player has their own choice. While some players play with heavy bats, some prefer lightweight. If you are in the initial stage of your career or play just for fun you can go for a lightweight cricket bat.


4 Qs. What are the qualities of a good cricket bat?

A good cricket bat should be lightweight, have a good grip and should be able to generate power. The best cricket bats are made from English willow. They are light and strong enough to not break easily. They also have a good grip and are able to generate power.

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