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Batting Gloves

Batting gloves are crucial for batsmen. They help in absorbing sweat and thus avoid slipping. Nobody wants to play with sweaty hands. Along with sweat absorption, batting gloves also protect batsmen. When facing a bowler who is bowling at a rapid pace there are chances the ball might hit your hands. Batting gloves do not put your hand in jeopardy and prevent you from getting seriously injured. Therefore, while playing cricket you should wear good premium quality batting gloves. One such quality batting gloves brand is DSC. You can check the DSC batting gloves given above.

Cricket Batting Gloves Terminology

Batting gloves have finger padding, finger cuts, palm, strap and sweat cuff. The padding material used in cricket batting gloves is what makes each glove different. Batting gloves have finger padding and palm padding.

Finger Padding

There are two types of material used for finger padding:

  • Foam
  • Cotton

Foam is lightweight and offers an equal amount of protection as compared to cotton. Usually, cotton padding is used by beginners and professional players opt for batting gloves with foam padding.

Palm Padding

There are two types of material used for palm padding:

  • Cotton
  • Leather

The cheapest option available to players is cotton palm padding. But, during long periods of play, it can cause sweat in your hands. On the other hand, leather palm in cricket batting gloves is more comfortable and provides good grip to the players. Furthermore, it has a longer line span.


Straps in cricket gloves are used to tie gloves to your hand so they do not slip while batting.

Sweat Cuffs

Sweat cutoffs are used to absorb all the moisture and sweat while playing.

Batting Gloves Buying Guide

Choosing a perfect pair of batting gloves looks easy but it isn't. To make your work easy we have created the batting gloves buying guide which you can use during shopping.

Right-Handed or Left-Handed

The first thing to be kept in mind is whether you are a right-handed batsman or a left-handed batsman. Make sure you buy cricket gloves which are according to your preferred hand.


You cannot play properly and score runs when the batting gloves are too long or too short. Therefore, always wear perfect-size gloves while batting. You can check out the table below to find the perfect size of batting gloves.



Small junior

16.5 cm


17.5 cm


19 cm


21 cm


22.5 cm

These figures are not 100% accurate, these are just a fair idea. You should always buy cricket batting gloves after checking the size as each player has a different hand size.

Correct Type

There are two types of batting gloves: Sausage finger and split-finger.

Sausage Finger: These kinds of gloves are perfect for bouncy pitches. Sausage gloves have an extra layer of protection for fingers. Players use sausage finger gloves on bouncy pitches like in Australia.

Split Finger: Batsmen who use their wrists while batting usually prefers split finger cricket batting gloves. These gloves offer more flexibility and range of motion while batting.

Best Place to Buy Batting Gloves

If you are looking for the best place to buy cricket gloves then you are at the perfect place. DSC is one of the veterans in the field of cricket equipment. With years of experience, DSC offers premium quality batting gloves. The best part about DSC is it has its own manufacturing unit. Thus, all batting gloves are manufactured in the DSC factory only.

The craftsmen who make batting gloves have years of experience and pay attention to the smallest details. You can check out the DSC collection of batting gloves here on this page.

Batting Gloves FAQs

Q1. Which cricket batting gloves are best?

Ans. If you are looking to buy the best batting gloves then you can surely check out DSC BULL 31 Batting Gloves for Men.

Q2. Which leather is best for cricket gloves?

Ans. There are numerous types of leather used in batting gloves. However, the premium quality English Pittards WR100X leather is mostly used in cricket gloves.

Q3. Can we wash cricket batting gloves?

Ans. Yes, when gloves are dirty you can wash them with non-alcoholic detergent.

Q4. How do you keep batting gloves soft?

Ans. The best way to keep your batting gloves soft is air drying. It keeps gloves soft and of the same size.

Q5. Which batting gloves are used by Virat Kohli?

Ans. Virat Kohli uses MRF Grand Edition batting gloves while playing.

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