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Cricket Helmet

Cricket can sometimes be a injurious sport. Facing a bowler bowling at 140+ kmph or fielding on the silly point is not an easy task. The chances of injury manifolds in such situations. To further protect themselves from injuries, players wear protective equipment and one of really important equipment is a cricket helmet.

In recent times, fatal incidents on the field have brought in light the importance of cricket helmets. Helmets cover the most crucial part of the body head. Thus, one should not compromise when it comes to cricket helmets and always buy premium quality cricket helmets such as DSC cricket helmets.

Cricket Helmet Buying Guide

As per the International Cricket Council (ICC) rules, it is compulsory for players to wear a cricket helmet while batting or if fielding within 15 yards of the batsman. When wicket keepers stand near the stumps, they are also required to wear a cricket helmet. We all know the importance of cricket helmets, but do you know how to choose the right cricket helmet? You don't have to worry, just follow the guidelines below to buy the best cricket helmet.


The most important thing in a cricket helmet is the upper material. The upper/outer material of the helmet should be solid and lightweight. Whereas, the inner material should be soft to provide comfort to players. Best cricket helmets are made up of ABS shell which is strong and durable.


The next important thing is the size. For different age categories there are different sizes of helmets. If you do not know the size of your helmet then take a inch tape and place it on your forehead. Keep one end on the forehead and complete a circle by wrapping it around your head. Once you know your size then accordingly buy the right cricket helmet.

Playing Level

Your level of play also affects the type of cricket helmet you should buy. If you are a beginner then you should buy a basic helmet not too expensive nor too cheap. And if you are a professional player then always buy the best quality fixed grill helmet available in the market.

If you consider the three factors mentioned above then you can easily choose the best helmet for yourself. Now, the point comes from where to buy and which brand to buy?

Why You Should Trust DSC with Your Safety?

DSC is one of the oldest cricket equipment manufacturers in the country. When it comes to delivering quality products, it is second to none. Since a cricket helmet is a crucial piece of equipment, you cannot compromise with equality. The quality you will get in DSC cricket helmets is top notch.

All DSC cricket helmets are manufactured keeping in mind the protection and safety of players. Superior quality material is used that is strong and comfortable at the same time. The titanium grills on the helmet are long lasting and come with a lot of inherent strength. Every helmet is made by craftsmen with decades of experience. You can check out titanium grill cricket helmets and steel grill cricket helmets by visiting the official website of DSC. Further, DSC also has a special edition golden cricket helmet for you.

Cricket Helmets FAQs

Q1. Why do players wear helmets in cricket?
Ans. Players wear helmets in cricket to protect themselves from head injuries which are sometimes fatal.

Q2. How long do cricket helmets last?

Ans. The lifespan of a cricket helmet depends on its quality. Usually a good cricket helmets last for 3 years to 5 years.

Q3.  How do I choose a cricket helmet?
Ans. While choosing a cricket helmet one needs to consider plenty of things like the upper and inner material of the helmet, its size and your playing level.

Q4. When should I replace my cricket helmet?
Ans. Usually players do not replace their cricket helmet very often. You should immediately replace your helmet if it is damaged or not comfortable to your head.

Q5. How do you wash a cricket helmet?

Ans. The washing of the cricket helmet depends on its material. Usually, the upper side of the helmet is just wiped with clean cloth. To clean the inner side of the helmet, take soap water and gently clean the helmet. Make sure you let your helmet dry before using it.

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