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Kashmir Willow Bats

DSC Kashmir Willow Bats are made from Top Quality Kashmir Willow clefts. These clefts have slightly different characteristics than English Willow, like they are heavier in nature and require less maintenance. Our Master Craftsmen treat each willow for its unique characteristics to maximize its potential. These bats are mainly suitable for recreational and beginners and are more economical in value. It’s a complete Leather Ball Range.

Our Kashmir Willow Bats are further classified in two series, “The all-powerful CONDOR” and “The ultra-precise INTENSE”.

Condor boasts DSC’s ENERGY PROFILE – I, giving its power an extra punch. Condor Bat has low profile resulting in extended sweet spot.

Intense boasts DSC’s ENERGY PROFILE – II, giving it more control, speed and extra zip while placing shots. Intense Bat has lower to mid profile resulting in low sweet spot.

We recommend proper Knocking before bat is put to use in a match.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)