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Cricket Bats

Here at DSC Cricket online store, we provide top quality cricket bats made from best available willow. Each and every bat is handcrafted by our master craftsmen. They treat each willow blade for its unique characteristics including density and weight to maximize its potential. We have a wide range of English Willow Bats, Kashmir Willow Bats and Tennis Cricket Bats available in different sizes and shapes.

English Willow Bats: These bats are made from Top Quality English Willow Clefts. These clefts are very lightweight in nature with clear and straight grains.

Kashmir Willow Bats: DSC Kashmir Willow Bats are made from Top Quality Kashmir Willow clefts. These clefts have slightly different characteristics than English Willow, like they are heavier in nature and required less maintenance.

Tennis Bats: DSC Tennis Bats are made from lightweight Kashmir Willow clefts making it perfect for big swings and trick shots.

Budget Bats: DSC Budget Bats are made from good quality Kashmir Willow clefts. This is our most economical range. We recommend proper Knocking before bat is put to use in a match.