DSC Cricket

About Us


We are one of India’s leading manufacturers of high quality cricket equipment with a network of nearly 1000 dealers across the country.

The most trusted name in sporting goods in India, with a history going back to the 1970s.

We are makers of bats and cricket gear to leading cricketing brands since 1980s.

We are the exclusive representatives and licensee for global sports brands in Indian market.




Ours is a family owned enterprise which started in the 1970s as a maker of shuttlecocks and cricket equipment.

We were committed to one thing only- make the best product we could with the resources we had and to always keep our promise.

Soon we were asked by global cricketing brands to be their OEM for cricket equipment.

Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of Cricket Bats in India. And the most trusted.




  • To be the first and final destination for Cricketing Gear for Top Players around the world.
  • To be the most trusted name in cricketing goods globally.


Integrity : We are fair and honest in all our dealings and in what we claim. We are trustworthy.


Quality : We focus on quality in everything we do, that includes our processes and goods.


Reliability : We deliver as expected.


Customer first : The customer's needs are at the heart of everything we do.




Our tagline, ‘FEARLESS’ captures the spirit of our business and the game. Everyday millions of school children, aspiring to be cricketers, hit the grounds working hard to learn the basics of game. Further, millions of enthusiasts enjoy street cricket with equal passion facing balls fearlessly with products either manufactured or distributed by us.

The fervor for cricket can be found in streets big and small, schools, playgrounds, towns, cities and villages. It is in the spirit of every sporting enthusiast in India, and we work hard to keep this spirit alive through our products.

At Delux Sports Company, we are obsessed with making the world’s best Cricket Bat with our craftsman working on each and every cleft at each stage to tune it to a masterpiece.

We only choose retailers who understand that customer satisfaction is the key to every purchase and that brand loyalty is often passed on from one generation to another.